Deciding To Go Into Homeopathy With A Nursing Background

From Melissa G., RPN, Larder Lake, On.   

 “Grandma what are those?” I can remember sitting at my grandmother’s dining room table in amazement with her beautiful healing crystals. On her bookshelf next to the dining room were books on healing your inner-self and homeopathic medicine. I was fascinated with this form of healing but was too young to understand what it all meant.   

Psychiatric Nursing Gone Homeopathy

From Korri W., Sumner, Maine

As I sit down to write this essay as to why I find myself drawn to homeopathy and the journey I have taken to get to this point, I realize that I am at the risk of writing a short novel. The path I have taken thus far has been enriching in many ways, but it has certainly not been the most direct route by any means. 

Apis Remedy To The Rescue

Infants And Teething


By Beverly Isla

Parents who choose to educate their children at home are often very conscious of what method of medicine to give their children as well. For those that prefer to avoid prescription drugs, alternative and natural medicine has become a popular approach. People are increasingly heading to local health food stores and dispensaries to purchase their choice of remedies and formulas rather than going to the pharmacy.