I'm Ready To Learn Homeopathy

From Cindy T., Paramaribo, Suriname 

I have always been attracted to the path of healing.  I personally prefer the more natural ways of taking care of myself.  Whenever I feel sick I would prefer to stay away from any OTC meds.  I would try all kinds of home remedies first.   I love to use Boiron products for my colds especially.  I always travel with my vials of Oscillococcinum.

I Grew Up On Homeopathic Remedies In India

From Harjeet S., Ajax

The science of homeopathy has always fascinated me. I have gotten rid of my major ailments through homeopathic treatment throughout my life.  I have been in constant pursuit to find an institution that could fulfill my desire to become a homeopath. I have been researching for a homeopathic college for the last few years.