"Every individual has unique needs and as a team we can help them find a cure that fits them best."

Fatima K., Mississauga ((M.D. Dubai)

I received my M.D. from Dubai Medical college, UAE in 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed studying medicine and wanted to go further and specialize in Internal Medicine. But with time and through life experiences I learned that there is more to being a doctor and there is more to health than just being alive and having normal lab results.

There is no denying the crucial role that conventional medicine plays in helping people and saving lives. But there are areas where it does fall short. In 2011 my nephew fell ill and despite several conventional attempts, his condition did not improve. He then recovered only with the help of homeopathic medicines.

During my daughter's birth, there were obstetric complications that resulted in the entire process becoming very traumatic for me. My health deteriorated drastically and I suffered immensely for a long time. I finally turned to homeopathic medicines and started a holistic diet and that is when I finally found relief.

Very recently, my older sister was cured of her uterine fibroids and my younger sister overcame her infertility and is now pregnant with twins! Both of them were using homeopathic medicines.

These events have had a great impact on me and have also inspired me. I have started to view the process of healing from a completely different perspective. I have realized that there is not just 'one way' of healing. And that it CAN be done in a naturalistic and holistic fashion, without having to take strong medicines that have strong side effects or having to go through aggressive and invasive procedures.

I learned that the human body must be treated as a whole and not as separate systems and that healing must be done for the body as a whole and not just for the ailments. Every individual heals differently and medicines shouldn't be prescribed in a 'one size fits all ' fashion.

We live in an age of gross consumerism where everything is processed and packaged, and where exposure to several different chemicals happens throughout the day, every day. Our daily lifestyle choices can determine our future health. I've learned that the food we choose to eat can either slowly poison us or it can heal us. We can and we must learn to think for ourselves and to make better choices for ourselves.

I believe that all kinds of Healthcare professionals are just different kinds of healers and if we work together, we can supplement each other and achieve great progress towards true healing. Every individual has unique needs and as a team we can help them find a cure that fits them best. In addition, we must promote and educate towards a holistic lifestyle, so that people can themselves have control and make choices that allow them to live their lives to the fullest. 

My personal journey of suffering and relief has become a lesson for me and it has inspired me to come out and want to learn more, and to use that knowledge to help others who have not yet found relief. And so, I am eager and excited to join the Canadian College of Homeopathic medicine and to have a long and fulfilling career as a professional Homeopathic healer.

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