"I felt like I had discovered something delightfully magical. A secret not many people knew of."

From Samantha R., Mississauga

I was first introduced to homeopathy in my adolescence. Suffering from severe migraines daily until they were unbearable and I ended up exhausting all my other options. I remember walking into his office with my mother, hundreds of tinctures covering a wall behind a counter, all different. I walked into his office where I’ll never forget to this day, he got close, looked me in the eye and instantly knew where the problem resided. Of course, there was more to the visit but from then on, I felt like I had discovered something delightfully magical. A secret not many people knew of.

Growing up in a very religious family, a Jehovah’s witness to be exact, I was pushed to be a certain way, stuffed into a cute little box where I learned to follow the crowd. Everything about my life was controlled and I didn’t have much say with regards to what friends I could make, courses in school I could take, what career path to follow. I ended up getting into business. After completing school, I made a huge step in my life to leave the cult and because of this was forced to move out and was excommunicated with all my friends and family. Luckily, I had one friend who left before me who could help me wipe the mud off my face and get back on my feet.

Fast forward 4 years and that brings us to the present, I’ve dealt with my demons and moved on for my past life, I finished school and started my career in marketing. And up until a few months ago was determined to make a name for myself in business. Then something hit me, reality. I realized that how shallow my job made me feel, how selfish people were and how cut throat the industry was. People would say “Hi, how are you?” with no real care to know the answer. Cookie cutter cubicles and fake smiles.

One day my homeopath was kind enough to give me a ride home, and chatting along the way she spoke of her daughters and how they were late bloomers, both making career changes late into their 20s. I up until this point had never considered this to be an option for me, I thought I was stuck where I was. This got me thinking.

I stated going back to basics, trying to figure out what really interested me. The world was my oyster, a feeling so foreign to me. I could be whatever I wanted to be! It took me a while to try and figure out the core of Sam but one day the thought of homeopathy clicked in my head. It had always interested me, I was always in health stores trying to heal myself naturally, researching and using homeopathic remedies on myself. Dabbling in reiki, crystals, mediation and other healing methods.

My own homeopath was also a huge inspiration, she was my saving grace. I played with the idea of being one myself and the more I thought about it the more excited I would get. Giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. BUT I was terrified, scared to take the leap, what if I failed? So many what ifs. I attended a CCHM info session and couldn’t have gotten more reassurance that my decision to be a homeopath was the right one.  

My desire to be a homeopath is now stronger than ever, the thought that one day I can be that saving grace to other people puts a real smile on my face. I want to inspire people like my homeopath has inspired me. Healing the natural way and changing the world one person at a time. I’ve finally found a way to give my life meaning and god does it feel good.   

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