"I realized my interests actually resided the most with Homeopathy, as I was constantly researching homeopathic remedies"

From Laura B., RN, Keremeos, BC

I was always curious about medicine, even from when I was a little girl-loving to care for my Mother after a surgery, Father during a flu, and being so observant to symptoms and treatments. I knew there was a future waiting for me in the healthcare field. What I didn't know back then was that it was going to evolve from conventional into a form of alternative medicine-Homeopathy. 

It was easy for me when it came time to go to College/University in choosing what i wanted to become-a Registered Nurse! Upon graduation, I travelled to many different locations including Hay River, Yellowknife, Vancouver area, Edmonton, and Calgary. I recall becoming particularly interested in Natural therapies while working in Calgary in 2010, during which I started to become more aware of my health and wellbeing through body building. I became fascinated and intrigued in how natural products can perform in magical ways, similar to chemical-laden pills without all the added toxins! I loved to research and educate patients at the hospital about natural care upon discharge in conjunction with doctors orders, of course. 

After I became pregnant in 2016, I was unable to take modern medications for symptom management. I was very cautious about what I was putting into my body and constantly researching remedies to support my symptoms, and natural therapies to help with sciatica pain. Quickly, my interest in natural therapies was renewed and grew substantially! Initially, I wanted to become a Naturopath. I enrolled with the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in Montreal, QC. Upon completion of the initial portion, Natural Health Consultant certificate, I realized my interests actually resided the most with Homeopathy, as I was constantly researching homeopathic remedies for my infant to aid in teething symptoms, acid reflux, and diaper rash! The idea that "like cures like" was all so fascinating to me. I had a choice- continue with AMCC and pursue Naturopathy, or carry over my credentials to another College which supports Homeopathy and go from there, which is how I came upon The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. 

I know a career in Homeopathy will be very rewarding both for myself and for those I meet along the way. A curiosity in medicine has evolved into a desire to learn and teach others how to heal their body and mind, naturally. As Homeopathy becomes more popular in society, there is an overflow of excitement to educate those around me, as well as a desire to bring about positive outcomes in a persons life.

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