...one of our assignments was to see a homeopath and write an assignment on our experience. This changed my life."

From Carissa B., Whistler, BC

The decision to become a homeopath is not a light one as there is a lot of information to learn and a lot of people to defend your decision to. There is the financial side of paying for a course, finding the time to complete it. Then putting it all together to finally enter the world to grow a business learn more and defend more. There is also the rewarding side of being a homeopath, seeing the profound shifts take place on many levels of the person as they heal, having a valuable tool to reach for to help anyone who is open to it from pets and family to clients. The reward of having homeopathy as a tool to help my passion for healing people is the winner in this case and I definitely want to become a homeopath.

As a young girl I was always interested in herbal medicine, rifling through my mothers herbal books she had bought through readers digest with the intention but no time to read. She is a nurse and has the healing instinct to. It was not so much about growing the herbs but the cool side that they had mystical healing powers.

This passion stayed with me for a long time and as I reach my senior year in high school I had the very daunting task of picking what I would study at university. I narrowed it down to 3 things.... Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Ecology and conservation biology. The university that offered the ecology course was a train and 2 buses ride away, so it was immediately ruled out. The other 2 healing arts were offered at a college 1 train ride away and I like trains way better then busses. You registered your choice by phoning into a data base. You could change your mind but it was $15 every time a change was made. The last 2 weeks before the final cut off date I rang in every day and changed my preference. On the final date Naturopathy was the course that I had chosen and my mother nearly killed me over the change of preference bill.  

I studied Naturopathy for the next 6 years, full time and every summer and winter school. I loved learning every inch of it. I loved learning about natural medicine so much that I got distracted and started nearly every other course the campus offered as well including aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and homeopathy. I realized in my 5th year that I would be a student till I was 35 if I was to finish all my courses and the final tuition bill would be more than I would probably ever make after I graduated so I had to streamline, prioritize and work towards actually finishing off some courses in full and graduating. It saddened me though as I really wanted to be the most holistic practitioner in the world. Naturopthy didn`t feel that way for me. Back when I started was still quite heavily based on traditional methods and employed modalities like flower essences to make it holistic... But it still wasn`t enough for me. It was expensive for the average person to be treated as supplements, eating well are not cheap. It didn`t give people the “shift” I wanted to see in someone who is wanting to heal. It is also sometimes very slow to see results and in this day and age everyone wants the quick magic pill, naturopathy, I don`t feel can provide that.

For my homeopathy 1 class, one of our assignments was to see a homeopath and write an assignment on our experience. This changed my life. I was a chronic insomniac, getting on average 2 hours of sleep a night and I had been that way for a long time. I had my consultation with Susan Blackshaw, a very well know homeopath in Australia, who had studied originally in England. She enthralled me with her case taking and nailed the remedy on the head. It was phosphorus. She had me take it in all its potency's and I was stunned by the results. The first night I took one of the 6x remedies and I slept 12 hours. It was amazing. As I worked through the potencies I saw so many things change in my self even my dreams shifted from the crazy recurring nightmares I have been having. Even 15 years later I have not had one of those dreams or stepped back in to that symptom picture. This was proof enough for me that homoeopathy is a powerful modality that can really change peoples lives.

17 years later from the 50/50 chance of studying homeopathy. I am here ready to defend it from the non-believers, to give it my time and energy, to learn and to have it be my main tool I use to heal the population that wishes to embrace it. I am also a much more mature Carissa compared to the 17 year old that chose to study naturopathy and more ready to take this healing form to the community.


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