Regarding my first weekend in classes, I could very simply say AMAZING

From Ellie O., first year student 2017 - 2018

Regarding my first weekend in classes, I could very simply say AMAZING, but that does not bring justice to the true feeling and experience that I had last weekend. I am not sure that I can truly encompass with words how profoundly at home I felt, from the moment I began my journey with CCHM, from speaking of it as a possibility, from my interview, and from my first weekend of classes. I must say that the journey to this moment of feeling like I am exactly where I am meant to be. In this present moment has been long and quite tough, but this weekend I came to see that my mountains, my storms, they have lead me to the most magnificent place - a place where I can learn to help myself, and to also carry the knowledge to help others, and a feeling that has overtaken my heart that to be frank, I cannot label with a word or even a phrase. When I arrived at the campus, and I stood outside the building, I read the words that were written overhead the entrance "the truth shall set you free"- and I pondered outside before my first class about how powerful those words were. Powerful in themselves and in how much strength it brought into my heart - and an immeasurable desire to learn and grow in every way. That I may take from this new road that I wander - a road where I once walked before (in another country) and where my heart was filled with passion - I have made my way home and I am more then delighted to be back in school following my passion, feeling that motivation and drive back in my heart and soul.

My first class, it was so intriguing, to meet a group of such diverse people, of ethnic backgrounds, and educational differences - to feel this beautiful energy in this room and to be a part of it again, goes without words. I felt instantly welcomed, and even made some new connections and friendships that I know will truly blossom, for in this room were people with spirits that can feel and search for what most cannot. Most cannot accept that what we cannot see can still be true, and it was wonderful to find myself not in a room of people who do not have this ability, but rather to be with a group of many who are opening to this idea, some more advanced into the true uniqueness of homeopathy.

I found that my background, and all of my studies abroad, really showed inside of me and gave me a confidence in myself and the knowledge which I already hold; a confidence I didn't have at such a deep level when I was overseas and years younger. Perhaps it is with time and maturity that this confidence came about, or through the many hours I spent shadowing various practitioners in other forms of natural healing.  For me, I like to think of each patient as a white canvas- and rather than painting what I see or feel, I allow each patient to paint their own canvas in listening without pre-judgment or assumption that they are like any other patient, and that because they paint their own canvas. They are then just like each homeopathic remedy in the idea that they all have a unique canvas and thus a unique fingerprint just like each remedy that we will learn and continue to learn about through life.

I truly enjoyed all classes and took away much new knowledge and also a different perspective - it is interesting to learn now in a country where they are trying to eliminate homeopathy, when I come from a country where they fought and have gained and earned the respect that homeopathy so deserves - it gives me something extra to my understanding and it makes me want to fight to bring awareness, to even help join allopathy and homeopathy to work together, as my true belief is that if all practitioners could work together, we would better help each patient with their struggles - perhaps this is a long shot to many, but I have witnessed it in Switzerland and will carry this value with me throughout my studies and the encounters I have with people from such diverse backgrounds.
Now that I have written yet another page in my story, I hope you can truly feel and see how much my first weekend of classes has brought into my life and all of those who are around me, friends and strangers alike. Thank you for taking the time to ask about my first days, and experience of so. Again this shows that this school is more then an educational institution- and that is why I have searched for so long to return to my studies- this atmosphere does not come easy to find.

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