Why I would like to be a homeopath


By Agnes K, Toronto, ON

I am a pharmacist but I do not really believe in medicines. It sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. There are so many other ways to heal ourselves than the western medication. In the allopathic healing system the symptoms are supressed so the disease may not be seen anymore but the root cause did not disappear.

Allopathic medications have effects and side effects. (This is the first rule in the pharmaceutical faculty that we learnt. There are no allopathic medicines without side effects. If they have effects they have side effects also.) In our health care system, there is not enough available usable information for the patients to optimize their medication, that would explain the use, the storage, the possible danger and known side effects connected to pharmaceutical therapy in an understandable form. There is no mandatory adverse event reporting in Canada. The emphasis is on the easy fix. Take this, take that, and take more something else for the damage which was caused by the first two.

In my opinion, there is a huge need for a holistic healing approach here in Canada. Understand the patient, minimize the risks of the existing therapy and offer new alternative ways of healing eg., homeopathy, herbs, energy healing and Bach Flowers or supplements. Work together with the treating physician, and know or report the side effects of the recent therapy. Integrative medicine supported by OHIP. Well, that is my dream.

But untill it becomes true, I have to start somewhere.. I would like to be a professional homeopath who is a drug safety specialist at the same time.

Homeopathy helped me in countless occasions. And I am still amazed every time, when I experience the magical healing, and fast improvement in someone’s health state. I could handle the croup with my children (which is a nightmare for a parent), the vaccination was so much easier with using the globules, even a common flu, or the chickenpox was manageable.The Arnica is the best of the best, if someone has boys. I can continue with my experience: homeopathy helped me to recover from my postpartum depression, homesickness, stomach flu – many times. The whole family (including the hamster) uses homeopathy – for smaller and bigger problems.

I feel very honoured that I had (still have) a chance to use homeopathy, to study homeopathy and to help others with homeopathy in the pharmacy where I worked (and since then many colleagues who know I have experience with homeopathy). I would like to become a certified homeopath in Canada in order to help the patients who need homeopathic help.

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