I can’t wait to start my journey with CCHM!


Why Homeopathy?


Becoming a Homeopath

Why I Chose Homeopathic Medicine

From Jack Gagliardi, HOM, BA, CCHM Alumnus and Lecturer

A Thank-You Letter

From Kerri Flood, HOM, DCHM, CCHM Internship Clinic Teaching Assistant

Homeopathy is an incredible medium to assist people...

From Marinela S., Okotoks, Alberta 

My pursuit is wellness. My search is Homeopathy. I choose you, CCHM.

From Jessica S., RN, Windsor.

"I did not give up, I kept giving him the remedies, and could see that when I did hit on the right one the results were amazing."

From Soumeya D., Mississauga, ON

The whole way of thinking about our body and its ailments is changing and I believe homeopathy will play a significant role in this shift and I would like to be a part of this!

From Jennifer L., Baltimore, Ontario

"My goal is to find a place where homeopaths and allopathic doctors can work together for the benefit of everyone."


From Katrina N., Brooklyn, NY


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