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In response to the nosode publication by Globe & Mail sent out this week. 

Well said…

Jim writes…….

Carly Weeks has done the public a great service in highlighting that there are alternatives to vaccines. Vaccines are on average only 60% effective and are inherently unsafe. Vaccine companies know this and convinced the US Government to set up an agency to accept reports of adverse vaccine events and another agency to accept lawsuits. Thus vaccine companies in the US are exempt from the normal liability and adverse report follow-up expected with any product. Can you imagine the safety record of automobiles if the manufacturers were immune from prosecution? Most of our vaccines come from the US.

Ms. Weeks has quoted many "traditional medical authorities" who don't believe Homeoprophylaxis does work or could work. However, she did not quote one medical authority who has done a comparison of Vaccines and Homeoprophylaxis in a decent size population. The evidence from history and (admittedly limited) research is that they are more effective and safer that vaccines. I was seriously damaged by a vaccine and now as a homeopath I have treated many others who have had debilitating illnesses after a vaccine. One, a child of two, developed aplastic anaemia within hours of receiving too many vaccines from a pediatrician. She needed a blood transfusion every two days to stay alive. To the best of my knowledge, homeopathic remedies have never caused a debilitating illness.

There may be outbreaks of disease happening in countries where parents are afraid of vaccines. However the number of parents who are using Homeoprophylaxis is probably less than one per cent in those areas. It is like going off the pill because of side effects but doing nothing else to prevent pregnancy.

Carly Weeks should first test homeopathic remedies on herself to experience their safety and effectiveness and to be equally knowledgeable about vaccines and Homeoprophylaxis. Then she might use her influence and journalistic skills to work for a large population study of this potentially safe and effective alternative to vaccines.

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