Shifteh Sherry Essnaashari, HOM, B.A., D.O.M.P

Shifteh Sherry Essnaashari, HOM, B.A., D.O.M.P Lecturer

In the 1990’s after being misdiagnosed on two separate accounts, Sherry embarked on her own healing journey by exploring the curative powers of herbalism and botanical medicines. This quest led her to study with a Shaman in Costa Rica, where she resided for three years.  The profound experience of nature changed the course of Sherry's life by first and foremost allowing her to understand three things: intuition, humility and listening skills. 

In the mid 1990's Sherry built on these skills by completing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training, coupled with certificates in the field of mental health therapy. She spent the next 18 years working as a mental health professional, while sharing her knowledge about alternative therapies and medicines in various speaking engagements, and with her clients.

Almost twenty years later, these skills have become part of Sherry's every day tools, which she uses to help others. 

Sherry's education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from Carleton university in Political Science, along with three years in Public Policy and Business Administration from York University.  After completing her diploma in Homeopathic Medicine in 2007, she pursued further training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies from Adler Institute, followed by a diploma in reflexology, as well as a license in manual osteopathy.  She currently uses all her skills to operate a thriving practice, while providing wellness consulting to corporations and operating holistic retreats for targeted populations.

An approachable and compassionate professional, Sherry brings an abundance of energy, and enthusiasm in all her interactions. She continuously strives for higher learning, so as to remain current and to provide the most effective, individualized and holistic treatment plans.  

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